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Sustainable Highways Initiative

FHWA Sustainability Working Group


In recognition of the importance of building and managing a more sustainable transportation system, a working group has been formed within FHWA to focus on sustainability. The purpose of the FHWA Sustainability Working Group (SWG) is to lead, coordinate, promote, and communicate sustainability activities of the FHWA in a centralized and integrated manner.

The Sustainability Working Group membership represents nearly all of the agency's major program areas, and includes representatives from Headquarters, Division Offices, Resource Centers, and the Federal Lands Highway Division. The SWG was actively involved in the development of FHWA's sustainability rating tool, INVEST, and will help define sustainability goals and plans for FHWA going forward. The group will continue to serve as a resource for advice and guidance on internal sustainability activities, recommend and assist with outreach efforts, and provide input on current and future research activities. The SWG will work to bring focus to the various sustainability activities and initiatives moving forward within the agency.

The SWG will promote and support sustainability goals and objectives in a number of different ways, including:

  • Developing a core set of “sustainability action areas” for FHWA
  • Encouraging sustainable practices throughout all levels of transportation planning, construction, operation, and maintenance
  • Advocating and promoting integration of sustainable solutions in transportation infrastructure
  • Identifying research needs and coordinating research activities with Turner-Fairbank, the Transportation Research Board (TRB), and others
  • Identifying training needs and assisting in their development
  • Providing technical guidance and assistance to Division offices, State DOTs, and others


The following offices are represented on the Sustainability Working Group:

  • Office of Environment, Planning, and Realty
  • Office of Infrastructure
  • Office of Operations
  • Office of Safety
  • Office of Civil Rights
  • Office of Research, Development, and Technology
  • Office of Policy and Governmental Affairs
  • Field Services Offices - North, West and South
  • Division Offices
  • Resource Centers
  • Federal Lands Highway


Connie Hill
Office of Natural Environment

Michael Culp
Office of Natural Environment