Sustainable Highways Initiative

The Sustainable Highways Initiative (SHI) supports programs and activities conducted across the Federal Highway Administration to facilitate balanced decisionmaking among environmental, economic, and social values — the triple bottom line of sustainability. SHI efforts help transportation agencies expedite project delivery, advance economic growth, enhance accessibility, and build projects to last, while also addressing the impacts of transportation to the human and natural environments.

photo of the Innerbelt Bridge in Cleveland, Ohio

INVEST Version 1.2

Helping transportation agencies plan and build infrastructure
as well as operate and maintain systems that are cost-effective,
long-lasting, advance efficient transportation options, and
minimize impacts to the human and natural environments.


Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation; INVEST Sustainable Highways Self-Evaluation Tool
photo of the Corpus Christi (TX) Harbor Bridge

Building Projects to Last

FHWA provides tool to expedite project delivery
and develop resilient infrastructure.


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